Seminar in Washington


On March 17, 2010, I participated as panelist in the Seminar organized by the College of Law of American University Washington, the Center on International Commercial Arbitration, and the Inter-American Bar Association. The title of the Seminar was International Commercial Arbitration in the Americas: Beyond Cultural Clash and Toward Maturity.

Horacio Grigera NaĆ³n, who teaches in the College of Law and chairs the Center of International Commercial Arbitration, greeted us graciously. He has done a remarkable job in placing arbitration as a main subject in this Law School.

My subject was the enforcement of arbitral awards in Latin America. I tried to relate the advancements made in the last years with the ratification by many Latin American countries of the New York and Panama Convention, and the adoption of updated arbitration laws. I tried to describe also the difficulties that enforcement may face.

The Program of the Seminar is attached.

J. Eloy Anzola

J. Eloy Anzola lives in Miami, Florida. He is dedicated to international arbitration.
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