About J. Eloy Anzola

J. Eloy Anzola

J. Eloy Anzola is a Venezuelan trained lawyer (Universidad Católica Andres Bello) who completed his education in the University of Paris (Admissible au Doctorat de l'Université, Droit Civil), Cambridge University (Introduction to English Law) and Yale Law School (Ll.M). He worked as an associate in law firms in New York and in Caracas. He participated in the creation and was a partner in two law firms in Caracas, with practice in the areas of civil litigation, contract and corporate law, banking, insurance, joint-ventures, acquisitions and arbitration.

He is now dedicated to national and international arbitration, as an arbitrator. He has participated as an arbitrator in proceedings under the Rules of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) of the AAA, the Inter-American Commission of Commercial Arbitration, the Centro de Mediación y Arbitraje of CANACO, México, the Centro de Mediación y Arbitraje de la Cámara de Comercio e Industria de El Salvador, the Centro de Conciliación y Arbitraje Nacional e Internacional de la Cámara de Comercio de Lima, Peru, the Centro Empresarial de Conciliación y Arbitraje (CEDCA) in Caracas, and the Centro de Arbitraje de la Cámara de Caracas (CACC). In several of those arbitrations he has been sole arbitrator or Chairman of the Arbitral Panel.

He has acted as a Venezuelan legal expert in cases held before US Courts and international arbitral tribunals.

He was founder and first President of the Venezuelan Chapter of the Club Español del Arbitraje. He is a member of the Asociación Venezolana de Arbitraje (AVA), the Latin-American Group of Arbitration of the ICC, the Asociación Latinoamericana de Arbitraje (ALARB), and the Miami International Arbitration Society (MIAS).

He has taught Law in Caracas, at Universidad Católica Andres Bello, at Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Administración (IESA), and Alternative Dispute Resolution at the School of Law of Universidad Metropolitana. From September 2010 to May 2011 he was Visiting Researcher at the College of Law of Florida International University (FIU) where he researched on the origins of arbitration in Spanish America and published articles on the subject in the book El arbitraje en Venezuela (Caracas 2013).

He speaks frequently at local and international seminars on arbitration and writes on the same subject. He currently resides in Miami, Florida.

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